A Vision of Lust Episode 9: I Don’t Know the Right Words

An erotic fantasy short story

Kyra Keys


Yay! We hit the sex…

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Vision of Lust: An erotic fantasy short story

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Episode 9
I Don’t Know the Right Words


“All right,” he breathes out and drops his hand from his trousers, allowing me to open them. He shifts on the bed to get more comfortable as I pull his cock out. The thick, veiny shaft pulsates in my hand and it’s bigger than I remember, but I won’t complain.

I prop myself up on my side and push his trousers down as far as I can without removing them, and skim my hands up his hairy legs, letting the fur tickle my palms. His balls are warm and huge, and I can’t resist leaning over and licking them. The first flick of my tongue makes Driton jump as if he wasn’t expecting it, and I bet he thought I was going to go straight for the shaft; but no, I need him desperate for my mouth.

Using my hand, I caress the skin on his lower stomach and along his upper thighs, focusing my mouth on the two fun bags that I always enjoyed toying with. I play the game where I try to see if I can fit one in my mouth, but I’m careful because he’s told me before that they’re sensitive. Driton groans as I lick and suck on them, and the scent of him fills me with desire. His earthy scent, along with that hint of fresh grass, is an aphrodisiac. His skin tastes just as I remember it; a salty tang that is distinctive to him, and I want to devour him and see if his cum has the same flavor as before.

His balls seem to grow even larger as I play with them. Is that even possible? It makes me giggle and I run my hand…



Kyra Keys

Just a writer having fun playing around with erotica stories. Focusing on sci-fi erotica at www.kyrakeys.net