A Vision of Lust Episode 17: Do You Want It to Be?

An erotic fantasy short story

Kyra Keys
5 min readNov 19, 2022


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Vision of Lust: An erotic fantasy short story

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Episode 15
Do You Want It to Be?


Despite the phenomenal sex, I didn’t sleep as well as I expected. I kept waking up and checking on Zora. A couple of times, I brushed the hair off her face, and she would murmur something unintelligible to me. I swear I had only just shut my eyes before it was time to get up.

I’ve always prided myself on having stable emotions, and I’m unsettled at the desires coursing through me this morning. I wanted to kiss Zora good morning, and the image of fucking her in a field of wildflowers was the first thing on my mind when I woke up.

I’ve never had a problem switching to different forms and easily shedding one mask for another with no residual feelings for the discarded one. But it was hard to drop the Driton mask this morning because I didn’t want to. I was curious what would happen if Zora woke up with Driton next to her. Would she have kissed me and said she loved me again?

Remembering last night when she said she loved me, a warmth washes over me and I try to remind myself this isn’t real, and that wasn’t love for me, but it felt so fucking real. How could I experience something that wasn’t for me? And why do I want to hear her say it again?

But this was just one night, so it’s okay. I’ll give myself a little distance while we travel and sort my shit out. It’s not like she wants to do this again. I can go back to watching her collect her flowers and roots while we travel and be a silent admirer.



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