A Vision of Lust Episode 16: This Was a One-Time Thing, Right?

An erotic fantasy short story

Kyra Keys
4 min readNov 19, 2022


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Vision of Lust: An erotic fantasy short story

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Episode 16
This Was a One-Time Thing, Right?


I’m still mentally all over the place and shattered from my orgasm, but helping Zora to bed gave me purpose. I could set aside what happened for a few minutes until I knew she was fine. When I can tell she’s content, I’m able to relax and let my mind wander.

I was right about her muscle control and I came harder tonight than I ever have before. Shivering, I try to calm myself down. I didn’t know men could experience all-over body orgasms, but the pulses of pleasure reaching every extremity sure seemed like one.

Zora blisses out next to me, and I study her facial features while she’s relaxed and dreamy. I’m struck again by her beauty. I have a hard time believing that I never noticed how gorgeous satyrs were, so Zora must be special. Her little smile of contentment gives me a nice power buzz from knowing I put it there.

I knew I would rock her world, but it’s more than just that. Tonight held meaning for both of us, and I’m struggling to understand what happened. It’s rare that I meet someone I want to use my changeling powers to help. Most people don’t seem worth the effort, but I could tell Zora really needed this tonight. I want that to be the takeaway from all of this. As I fall asleep, I shove aside the little voice in my head when it asks, “But how did you know about the meadow?”

Zora moves closer and snuggles against me. Her sigh of contentment helps me unwind and shuts my brain off. I’ll…



Kyra Keys

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