A Vision of Lust Episode 14: Just Letting You Know I’m Here

An erotic fantasy short story

Kyra Keys
4 min readNov 2, 2022


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Vision of Lust: An erotic fantasy short story

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Episode 14
Just Letting You Know I’m Here


After setting the glasses on the dresser, I walk slowly back towards her, enjoying making her wait. I assume she’s excited based on the soft clicking on the wooden floor as she shifts from hoof to hoof and the quiet rustle of her fur as she rubs her thighs together. She’s breathing heavily and her chest heaves while she peeps out tiny sighs, growing impatient the longer I take.

When I’m close enough I turn her to face the table, pressing in behind her and bringing my hand up to her throat. I squeeze lightly as I kiss her neck beneath her ear while I use my other hand to tweak her nipple. She gasps when I pull harder, and I force her legs open with one of mine.

I move the hand from her breast down to her pussy, and rub on her clit until she cries out and bucks against me. Seems like someone is still sensitive. An intense power grips me and I want to fuck her so hard she sees stars and her legs are wobbly.

Without warning, I shove her down onto the table, smashing her breasts against it. She turns her face to the side so she can rest against the surface and grasps the edges of the table. Keeping a firm pressure on one shoulder with my hand, I smack an ass cheek with the other.

“Hey!” she cries out and tries to jerk up, but my hand prevents her from moving.

Slipping my fingers into her pussy, I can feel she’s a wet mess and my cock aches to push inside her, but I remove my hand…



Kyra Keys

Just a writer having fun playing around with erotica stories. Focusing on sci-fi erotica at www.kyrakeys.net