A Vision of Lust Episode 13: It’s Not Even for Me

An erotic fantasy short story

Kyra Keys
4 min readNov 1, 2022


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Vision of Lust: An erotic fantasy short story

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Episode 13
It’s Not Even for Me


When Zora says she loves me, even though I know it’s meant for Driton, an intense longing engulfs me. No one has ever said they loved me before and meant it. I’ve had relationships in the past, but they were closer to mutual using where we both had a purpose for being together and the relationship ended when we achieved the goal. This is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to true love, and it’s not even for me.

I lick my lips, and taste Zora on them. Her juice has a slight sweetness that is hard to define, but it is just so her, and feels so right on my tongue. Her wild, musky scent reminds me of the field of wildflowers in my vision of her and Driton.

Maybe satyrs are a trap and their sensuality and zest for life sucks you in, and then you sleep with one and become obsessed. The next thing you know, sex with anyone else pales in comparison. I could see myself easily becoming captivated with Zora, but I know she’s not for me. I’m not going to let that stop me from giving her a night to remember. Being this willing to give someone else pleasure is not who I am, but that isn’t something I am going to worry about right now. I’ll have plenty of time to figure out why I’m doing this on the way to Bellamere.

She snuggles in closer to me, half dragging herself across my chest as if she’s trying to get as physically close to me as possible and my cock responds to her softness. Oh, I know exactly how I’m going to get closer to her, and it involves my cock…



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